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Classical Civilisation

vel GCSE
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What we study

Students will study the history of the Roman Empire from social, political and military viewpoints. Students will use and develop skills learnt while studying History at Key Stage 3.

  • History of Roman Britain: Students learn about the Roman invasion and settlement of Britain between 55 BC and AD 84
  • City Life in Ancient Rome: Students learn what life was like in  Rome, including a study of daily experiences, households and  the wider community
  • Community Life in Pompeii: Students learn about the destruction and rediscovery of Pompeii and the layout and buildings of the town. They will also consider what it was like to live in a Roman town and the importance of towns in Roman Life
  • Homer’s Odyssey: Students study the second of Homers great literary books, following the account of Odysseus on his return home from Troy. Students analyse and consider the text, what the stories tell us and what we can learn about society

Students of Classics will be expected to develop an understanding of the major themes in the Roman world and of the development of the Empire. In doing so, students will develop their essay writing skills and an understanding of how to critique a wide range of sources.


Students will engage with key questions and be asked to assess and analyse these using primary and secondary sources. As well as a range of written texts, students will be working with pictorial and archaeological materials such as frescoes, statues, buildings, mosaics and human remains.

How your work will be assessed

Students will be assessed in three exams at the end of the two years of study.

These will test students understanding of Homer’s Odyssey, City life in Ancient Rome and Community Life in Pompeii, asking students to write both short answers, essays and analyse sources. The Controlled Assessment will focus on Roman Britain. The exams will account for 75% of the total marks and the Controlled Assessment 25%.

Post-16 Choices

Classical Civilisations is also available for study at A-Level, where subjects develop and expand students’ awareness of the Classical World, focussing on the Civilisations of the Greeks and Romans.

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