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Business Studies

Specific Course Entry Requirements  
Examination Levels Offered AS and A-Level
Examination Board AQA


Business A-Level is linear. Assessment of a student’s knowledge and understanding of the whole course takes place at the end of two years.

The linear course will encompass a more holistic approach to Business and will give students the chance to integrate their knowledge and understanding of different areas.

Business is a live subject and information is constantly being updated regarding business development, the economy and its impact on business, changes in government policy as well as global issues.   You will cover a wide range of topics to reflect the nature of the subject which examines the key functions in any business.

We expect students of Business to be interested in current business events, read a quality newspaper and watch/listen the news in order to be able to relate theory to actual business practice so that the subject comes alive for them.

Year 12 - Year One

Decision Making

  • Unit 1 - What is business? Forms, Purpose, Environment
  • Unit 2 - Leadership (Decision Making, and Stakeholders)
  • Unit 3 - Marketing (Positioning and Stakeholders)
  • Unit 4 - Operations (Systems and Quality)
  • Unit 5 - Financial (Control and Analysis)
  • Unit 6 - HR (Performance and Motivation)

Year 13 - Year Two


  • Unit 7 - Positioning (SWOT, External Influences)
  • Unit 8 - Direction (Markets and Competition)
  • Unit 9 - Implementation
  • Unit 10 - Managing Change

Three exams at the end of the second year.  Two hours each all worth 33.3% of marks.



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